My Family in Bohol Earthquake Relief!


On October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the Island of Bohol, Philippines. The epicenter was near my family’s city of Sagbayan. All of their homes have been destroyed. They are currently living outside in tents without power, food or water. They are in desperate need of immediate help! The entire area was devastated by this powerful earthquake and many aftershocks.

My intention is to raise money to be sent to my family in Sabayan to help the rebuilding process. At this point, they are in need of the most simplest support and funding.

I will start the initial funds myself for $100 towards this funds.

Thank you all in advance and I will keep you posted of any updates!


I have sent someone to take photos of my family of their current situation.


Any amount is good and I thank you so much for helping my family in Sagbayan!

Donator/Contributor’s names will be posted here:

Current Raised= $200


Aurora Torrefranca, Bob Cash