Fiancee Visa (subclass 300) Checklist for Australia

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I first came to Australia on a Tourist visa. Below are the requirements and forms I have to gather.  Documents were filed at Australian Embassy in RCBC tower Makati. It was lodged by an immigration agent because my fiancée & I were both working at that time but you can do it your own!

Visa Sub class 676 requirements :


*Form 48R Tourist




*Certified Copy of Birth Certificate


*Passport sized photograph (45mmx35mm) – not more than 6 mos old


*Letter of Invitation from my Fiancée – It’s a simple letter stating that he is willing to support my stay in Australia


*Medical insurance  – Mine was Australian Unity health insurance cost about $133.40/month.


My visa interview was just over the phone, which lasted for about 10 minutes. The case officer just asked me if I am still working or not, How long have I known my fiancée and since when. Who is going to take care of my 2 kids while I am away? She also discussed with me the visa conditions.


Visa processing time takes about a month . After a month you would know whether your got approved of 3,6 or 12 months stay in Australia. My visa was couriered to me via LBC. I have been granted 6 months stay in Australia.


My Fiancée visa was lodged at the same time with Tourist visa (January 31 2011). Fiancée takes about 3-6 months to process depending on the  volume of applications. It was lodged at the same time because Tourist Visa takes a lot faster to process and we don’t want to be apart from each other anymore. Even though I am allowed to stay in Australia for 6 months, I went back after my 2 months stay. I got bored and I miss my 2 kids.


A month later after I arrived Philippines, my Fiancée visa got approved( July 11 2011). This type of visa allows me to bring my 2 kids in Australia. They are both minor kids aged 15 & 13. Both were also required to undergo medical test.


The attached checklist for Fiancée visa subclass 300(Prospective Marriage Visa) would help in applying for this type of visa.


Just a tip in filling out the forms please write neatly in block letters and no erasures as there is no visa interview for this type of visa. An immigration officer base on the documents that you provided will assess you. Gather as much evidence as you can like pictures, letters and emails need to be printed and submitted. Please review your letters and emails before submitting them. Don’t submit letters that says something like you want to work in Australia, as it is negative.


Once your Fiancée visa got approved, your passport with visa stamp will be couriered to you and please don’t forget the CFO seminar.


Please be advised also that upon arrival to Australia, you need to marry within 9 months. After your marriage, you need to apply for another type of Visa, which is Subclass 820. After 2 yrs if your partner relationship still exist, you will be granted an 801 visa for Permanent residency. 


As the partner or fiancé of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, you do not have an automatic right of permanent residence in Australia. If you want to reside permanently in Australia you must first apply for a permanent visa and be assessed against the legal criteria for the grant of that visa.


The time frame from the time you apply for Australian Fiance/e Visa is about 3 to 6 months. That’s if you have all documents that are needed!

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