Determination Leads to Success

Success Leads to Determination
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Five years ago, I met a young lady whom I used to work with. She has inspired me of her story about how she paid off her high interest multiple credit cards debts, car note and student loans within just a 5 years and she was even able to moved her family from living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment to owning her own house.



At first she thought it would be difficult to set a goal due to the fact that she was a single mother of two. Besides being a full time mother she also work full time and going to school part time.
Before she told me her story, I was always too curious of why she comes to work looking so tired and weary. When she finally confided me I finally understand why.
Her first mission were to tackle her credit cards with high interest rates. For her to be able to do this, she took a second part time job and even took a chance to stay extra hours if there was any opportunity  to get the benefits of getting paid  double time of which she was taking home roughly $3,000/monthly after tax.
She stop taking her children going to restaurants of which she used to do. Instead, she is cooking every day  to save money and if there was a left-over that’s all they would eat until it was out. And she also stop shopping for herself of branded names from handbags, shoes and make up.
Within first year, she was able to pay off  her high interest rates credit cards. Then her next mission which was her vehicle that costing her $500/monthly. (fancy van for the whole family). Since she has extra money now after getting rid of the credit cards, she was using the extra money to snowballing into paying her vehicle until it was paid-off within just six months.
Unfortunately, while she was trying to get ahead she can’t continue her schooling for she was already  dead tired after working long 16 hours per day 5 days straight sometimes even 7. She was seeing it as unfair for her children that she was not at home most of the time. She thought it was best to set the schooling aside for the main time while she was trying to nail her mission of getting rid of debts. She was also holding off on going shopping and dining out with her children at this time. Due to the fact that she was planning on putting money aside for a down payment of a new home for her and her two children.
Though most of her debts were all gone after three years, yet she continues to work long extra hours and even took a sideline job as a caregiver. Despite being so tired almost always, she never complains and just keep working on and she had always put a smile on her face.
It’s been well over 5 years now, and I commend her of the things she has done for herself and for her children. I heard she own a 5 bedroom house and even turned her house into a care home of which she manage it herself. BRAVO to her!
It goes  to show how one can be successful  if they are only determined and stick to their plans. I myself is inspired of her story!

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